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Hi, my name is Richard Oberlander and I'm the president of Mammoth Air Purifier. When I was young, I remember everyday I had to continually blow my nose and sneeze each day. It was really uncomfortable and what's more is that it always embarrassed me as a kid, especially with girls around. As I used to live in Hong Kong when I was growing up, the air quality is horrible. There were days when I would look out the window and smog would cover the mountain only 20 miles away from the building. Since then, I realize how precious clear air is.

After doing some market research, I realized there are all types of air purifiers, and many companies that make quality models. As you can already tell, you can buy cheap HEPA air purifiers at your local appliance store, or expensive state-of-the-art air purifiers that would equal a down-payment for a car. However, there isn't any affordable quality air purifier that is a good compromise between price and function. Mammoth Air Purifier is founded on the idea of introducing the world most efficient and cost effective All in One Air Purifier for the everyday American family. Our mission is to bring quality air purification without having to break the bank, providing clean air for you yourself and loved ones.

I am proud to have received letters and calls letting us know the differences this air purifier is doing in people's life. Give our air purifier a try; in fact, I want to personally guarantee that you with our smell the difference in your home. If you do not smell a difference after using our air purifier, return it within the specified time frame and we'll refund you the full amount--that's our promise.

Here are some of the feedbacks from out companies:

"Air Pollution Control." Business Articles - EzineMark - Free Content Article Directory. Web. 23 May 2011. Mammoth Air 1000 UV Air Purifier has best combination of a HEPA filter and UV ionic sterilization which is more effectual to reducing environmental bacteria, viruses, fungus, chemical gases, formaldehyde, smoke particles, mold, mildew, pollen, bad cooking odors, pet smells, tobacco and paint fumes. By keeping the above mentioned points about Mammoth Air Elite Lite UV Air Purifier (PCO) in mind, you can easily recognize its finest qualities and features as per your needs.

"Mammoth Air Purifier and Air Cleaner, All-in-One!" Air Air Purifiers & Home Air Purifiers. After Intensive Reviews, We Sell Only the Best! Web. 23 May 2011. The New All-In-One Mammoth Air Purifier is a virtual smoke eater! With all of the available technologies designed to provide fresh clean air in your home or office space and its' solid, sturdy construction, the Mammoth Air Purifier gets high rankings in our book!

"Mammoth Selection Launches New Line of UV Air Purifiers." Kitchenaid Refrigerator Water Filter. Web. 23 May 2011. "Wе′re excited tο offer Mammoth Selection's line οf UV air purifiers," ѕаіd Jeanie Wong-Vierling, marketing director fοr Air & Water, Inc. "Aѕ pollution levels continue tο increase, air purifiers аrе becoming more аnd more οf a common necessity instead οf a luxury."

Thanks to all those who stand behind us and our mission.

Rirchard Oberlander

President & Director

Richard Oberlander is the founder and president of the company, which was founded in 2007. He resides in the beautiful state of California along the coast.  In his off time, he loves to catch the waves in the pacific ocean and sail around the harbor between the different ports. Aside from the outdoor adventures, there is nothing that beats finding hidden mom&pops that cook up a good meal and have an excellent wine selection. In fact, he loves using Groupon or LivingSocial to buy special offers on meals and group activities.


Commercial and Advertising

Ben Larsen graduated from California State University, Northridge in fall 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Television Production. Ben worked as a camera operator for IBN Sports. Ben went on to camera operate various commercial shoots for Dentsu America, Ban Dai, and Mammoth. Ben Larsen currently produces commercials, and advertising campaigns, and is working on his first feature length film.


Human Resource and Operations Logistics

Christian graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in 2009. He worked as a Night Auditor for 3 years in the hotel industry. Chess was his first love, so do expect that no matter how complicated your concerns are, he will be able to provide solutions to it. The more complicated things are, the more he loves it! He’s a fan of everything edible (but usually requests for home-cooked spaghetti). During Sundays, he spends his time doing his duty as a Finance Officer in the church (he was a choir member back then).


Accounting and Order Tracking

MaryANN is a graduate of the School of Business Administration where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Accounting. She joined Mammoth Air in 2010 with prior experience in Accounts Payable, Head Cashier and General Accounting. In her current position, she is responsible for the accounting, booking and accepting all orders, pricing, fulfillment, and tracking.


Office IT and Fulfillment

Charles Roh grew up and lives in Los angeles, California. As part of IT Support and fulfillment, he is responsible in making sure the office is running smoothly and all parts of Mammoth is able to communicate with our customers and vendors. As a hobby, he loves tinkering with electronics, namely computers (hence he's the IT Guy!). In the more physical arena, Charles also regularly plays basketball, while also practices the guitar in his spare time. Catch him at the right time and he might even play you a song!