Repair Deductible


For the full terms & condition on Mammoth warranty policy, please click here.
*For units defective within the year, it falls under the standard limited warranty with no fees nor deductibles. 

Also this Extended Warranty Policy only applies to Air Purifiers (not including diffusers or other products).  This means we only service Mammoth xC, Mammoth Classic, Mammoth 1000, and Mammoth Q3 after the 1 year mark and up till 5 years. 

No registration is required. Please save your receipt. We might be able to look up your purchase information but if we cannot verify your purchase, we cannot offer the extended warranty. Your warranty will end at the 1 Year Limited Warranty). 

This deductible is here to subsidize for shipping. In the past, we've seen customers paying $40-$50 for shipping one way. Because we have a commercial shipping account, we can handle all shipping, tracking and handling of this process.

Year 1-2 Deductible - $35
Year 2-3 Deductible - $45
Year 3-4 Deductible - $55
Year 4-5 Deductible - $60

Before you proceed, please understand the following:

Due to the growing number of users sending us machines for repair that are found in good working condition, we are forced to implement the following amendment to our warranty repair policy as a result of unnecessary labor and shipping costs: 

On any and all air purifier(s) sent for repair under warranty and found by our technicians to be in good working order, the customer will be charged a flat fee of $30 USD per unit for the cost of labor and any testing done.  Your deductible will not be refunded nor applied to the $30 USD.  

By ordering the Extended Limited Warranty for your unit to be repaired, please follow the steps below:

1.  Select the proper year of air purifier ownership for the correct deductible.

2.  Pay the deductible (and if you like us to switch your filters, you can also add those to cart). 

3.  You will be asked to provide your receipt or any purchase details upon checkout. 

4.  We will email you the shipping labels, packaging instructions, and the RMA in-take sheet so we can expidite your repair.