Trade In Rebate Program

Got an old unit that you want to get rid of or maybe deciding if it's worth it to repair your old living air purifier?   

Not sure if you can afford for a new ozonator purifier? Well, we got good news for you!  You can trade your old one back, even if it's broken! 

EcoQuest Store Trade In Program

This official program is simple:  

1.  Submit a picture of your old model with serial number (there is no need to pay for extra shipping of your model back to us!)

2.  You can choose the following models for the trade-in and receive $100 off your purchase. 

  • xC Model
  • Classic Model
  • M1000 Model

3.  We ship your air purifier same business day (before 5:30pm EST).

Air Purifier Trade-In Terms and Condition

- Only 1 old air purifier can be used for the trade-in of 1 new machine.  

- We reserve the right to change and terminate this trade-in program at any time. 

- The current trade-in value is $100.  

- The number of trade-in and model available are subject to change and limitation.  The offer is first come, first serve. 

- EcoQuest Store reserve the right to refuse trade-in and service to customers for any reasons at all.