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Why Invest In Us?

What made Hannibal, Murdock, B.A. Baraccus and Face so successful at conquering the bad guys? They each had unique skills that when combined made them unstoppable. Think of our mammoth Air 1000 as the A-Team of purifiers. Most purifiers only use one or two technologies to purify the home, which doesn’t get rid of all the harmful items in the air.

We use a combination of 4

HEPA - HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filters, which basically explains exactly what they do.  HEPA filters are effective at capturing dust, mold, pollens, allergens and other solid particles as small as 3 micron. Through a very fine paper-like filter, the pollutants in the air pass through the HEPA filter and are trapped.  At this point, any bacteria and particles die because the HEPA filters are dry and sterile, preventing any future growth.

Electronic Ionizers - The Ionizer works in a unique way by emitting negative ions, which attract the positively charged particles in the air (the pollutants).  Think of the Ionizer as letting loose a bunch of little magnets that seek out all the harmful particles away before you breathe them in. Once the negative ions meet with the pollutants, they will fall onto the carpet or a household surface so it is important to vacuum and dust regularly.  By doing this, you will accomplish a healthy living environment free of unwanted pollutants in the air.  The Mammoth Air 1000 uses a combination of a needlepoint ionizer as well as a radial technology, so the Ionizer does not need to be changed out.

Ultraviolet - The Germicidal UV Lamp is a crucial element in disinfecting the air.  Think of the lamp as a large hand sanitizer, killing all germs within sight.  The UV lamp is responsible for removing the dead micro-organisms from the environment which in turn helps you to breathe in more sterilized air.  There are 114 contaminants published by the US Environmental Protection Agency that can be treated with this UV lamp. The Germicidal UV Lamp works through a process called photochemistry.  In this process, photons in the UV range cleave to the irradiated microorganism and this leads to a photo induced reaction, resulting in not only sterilization but disinfection as well.  We recommend that you change the Germicidal UV Lamp every 12 months for optimal function of the Mammoth Air 1000.

Ozone Generators - The Ozone Plate contained in the Mammoth Air 1000 is highly effective and produces low levels of ozone under the legal standard of 0.55 ppm.  A natural cleaning agent, ozone works to sterilize the air from odors, mold, smoke and mildew by doing the following: ozone turns oxygen into ozone to clean the air, then it turns back into oxygen.  The Ozone Plate on the Mammoth Air 1000 is a completely optional feature.  If you choose to install this plate, please refer to the proper installation instructions on page 4 in this manual. 

If you want to  learn more about the process, or see our demo video visit our video page.

Mammoth is proud to be a Green company. We’ve switched from paper to digital for all of our records. We go the extra mile by printing on only double sided 100% recycled paper while all boxes we ship are printed with soy ink and made from recycled materials.

With us it’s not only clean air in the home, but outside as well.